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About Pelle:
Pelle lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

He started coding in BASIC around 1979 (on a Swedish computer called ABC80), but soon moved on to Z80 assembly code. He is working professionally since 1984. Mostly in BASIC, X86 assembly code and C (since ~1993).

His Homepage is located here.
About Christian (Webmaster of the german mirror):
I live in Berlin, Germany.

My first steps with a computer began 1987 with a Commodore C128 D. On this computer I tried some BASIC programming.
Some other PC´s followed the C128 D and I began to use Turbo Pascal.
Since 2000 I write C/C++ applications (mostly WinAPI).
About this page:
This page is the official german Mirror of PellesC since 2004-10-21.

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